Because all blood is red...

The Arts

"As a person with ​social anxiety, art has always been my outlet. It is this experience, this sensation, that I hope to bring to the community through art."
--Jessica Johnson, Arts Coordinator


A Red Circle Arts

We are dri​ven and inspired creatives who stand for black empowerment through art and creativity. Our five-year mission is to help the North St. Louis County community to achieve a high quality of life, using a practice called Art-Based Placemaking, a.k.a. Creative Placemaking. 

The Creative Spot 
(by A Red Circle)

In November 2022, the A Red Circle team prepared, cleaned and furnished The Creative Spot (by A Red Circle) in Ferguson. The space will host crafters, artists, musicians, workshop leaders, and more!! 

This will be space for healing in the North St. Louis County community.

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